Taking proper care of fresh flowers can make them last significantly longer. Look after your flowers and enjoy, as they open from tight bud to a blooming slash of colour!

Upon Arrival

Flowers normally arrive fresh and in tight to medium bud. Here are a few things to do as soon as they arrive.

Remove packaging
This includes any strings holding the bouquet or flowers together.

Trim stems and leaves
Stems can be trimmed on a 45-degree angle. Opening the base of the stem to a fresh cut helps them drink water. Remove leaves that will sit below the water line of the vase.

Strip all leaves below the waterline
Wet leaves breed bugs, as well as releasing phenols, chemicals that clog the stem, slow budding and wither the blooms.

Spray with a cool mist
The beads of moisture look pretty too.

Ongoing Care

With the right care, some types of flowers can last 10 days or more! Be sure to check on your flowers regularly to ensure maximum vase life and enjoyment.

Clean water
Fresh water daily is one of the biggest tips to increase the amount of time they last. The water should look clear, almost clear enough to drink!

Away from the sun
Keep flowers out of direct sunlight. The heat of the sun can radically reduce the vase life of fresh flowers.

Remove faded stems
Not all flowers last for the same amount of time, it’s a great idea to take flowers out of the vase as they begin to fade.

Remove Stamens
Some flowers such as lilies have prominent stamens (the central pollen-making stalk). Snipping these with scissors or your fingernails increases the flower's life, and avoids pollen stains.


How can I make my flowers last?

Remove packaging and trim stems upon receiving flowers. Store out of direct sunlight and change to
fresh water daily.

What if my flowers arrive in tight buds?

Market Flowers are sent fresh daily! Best quality flowers should arrive in tight-medium bud for
maximum vase life and enjoyment.

How long do peony flowers last?

Fresh peonies can last from 5 to 7 days. Be sure to store out of direct sunlight to allow them the best
chance to last!

Does Market Flowers send bouquets with plant food?

Yes, most of our bouquets are sent with plant food for extra vase life. Follow the instructions on the
packet to add the plant food to the vase of water with your flowers.