1) Find a Vase - Flowers thrive on hydration. Use your favourite vase and fill it with about 10cm of cool, clean water. Ensure the vase is thoroughly cleaned before placing the flowers in. Add flower food or 10 drops of bleach.

2) Trim Stems - Allow your flowers to drink efficiently by trimming their stems. Make angled cuts to enhance water absorption, preventing them from being suffocated on the vase floor.

3) Remove Leaves - Eliminate excess leaves that might linger below the water level. This helps to maintain water purity and prevents bacterial growth.

4) Cool Down - Protect your flowers from direct sunlight. Choose a location that offers indirect light to ensure they stay fresh and vibrant.

5) Love Them - Maximize vase life by keeping the water fresh. After the initial trim, inspect the stems every couple of days. If you notice slimy bases, trim again to maintain water quality and extend the life of your beautiful blooms.


Free Auckland Delivery - Free delivery for most of Auckland, see our delivery map for exact delivery zones. There’s a $20 - $30 delivery charge for the outer regions of Auckland. No rural Auckland delivery available.

Same-day Delivery - Same-day delivery is available Monday to Friday for orders placed before 12-noon. Order by 9am for same-day delivery on Saturday. Closed on Sunday (except Mothers’ Day)

GPS Tracked - Deliveries within the free delivery zone receive a GPS tracking link you can follow the progress of your flower delivery in real time.

Expected Delivery Time - Orders placed in advance of the day usually to arrive before 2pm. Orders placed for same-day delivery can be expected to arrive before 5pm. No guaranteed delivery time for the outer-Auckland regions but expect before 7pm.


We understand that sending flowers is a deeply personal gesture. That's why we maintain simplicity in our packaging and branding – to ensure your love for the recipient remains the focal point. It's an ongoing commitment on our part, letting the flowers speak for themselves.

Warmth & Bloom Bouquet

79.00 NZD

Embrace the spirit of warmth and flourishing beauty with our 'Warmth & Bloom' bouquet, a heartfelt gesture to bring comfort and joy.

This arrangement showcases a harmonious blend of orange, pink, and red seasonal flowers, carefully chosen by our skilled florists to ensure you receive the finest blooms of the season. Delight in a radiant bouquet composed of warm-toned blossoms and lush greenery, a true testament to nature's elegance.

Available in three sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium (pictured)
  • Large

    Photo is an example only - this is a seasonal bouquet using the week's best in-season flowers. Beauty that lasts - our flowers arrive with a tight to medium bud so you can enjoy for longer. Delivery includes a gift card with your personal message. Vase not included.

    Plum & Raspberry Chocolate
    plum & raspberry chocolate
    Summer Berries Dark Chocolate
    summer berries dark chocolate
    Raspberry & Hazelnut White Chocolate
    raspberry & hazelnut white chocolate
    Small Cylinder Vase
    small cylinder vase
    Bouquet Greenery
    bouquet greenery
    Teddy Bear
    teddy bear
    Ten Piece Truffles
    ten piece truffles
    Boho Bowl Candle
    boho bowl candle
    Studio Milk Bath Salts
    studio milk bath salts

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