Saying yes might have been the easiest decision you’ve made… but now come the difficult decisions. Choosing your wedding flowers is a difficult choice. What colour will work? What flowers do you like? And do the flowers you like even come in the colour that work?! We know it’s tough, so we have compiled a list of factors to help you decide or to consider before you fully settle on a flower choice. 

NOTE: As with the other aspects of your wedding, decide on a budget first. If you have a smaller budget it could be worth choosing brighter or bolder wedding flowers so that a smaller volume of them will still have a big and beautiful impact.



Why not turn to the seasons for guidance when deciding on your wedding flowers. Not only will this positively impact the price of your bouquets but it will help you build a successful, well-rounded theme. This is why many people opt for spring/summer weddings but autumn winter weddings still hold a host of possibilities.

So what flowers are in season when?


Sunflowers, snapdragons, hydrangeas

Frangipani, gardenia, lillies and garden roses

Dahlia, irises, tulips, anemone,

Daffodils, poppies, sweat peas


Flower Symbolism

Perhaps the sentiment behind a flower resonates with you more than just their form or colour. Flowers have really beautiful and unique symbolic meanings so this is a great way of not only helping you whittle out the choices but also adding a special layer to your wedding decor that you could share with your loved ones. Here are some examples of popular wedding flowers and their symbolisms:


  • Roses: The meaning will slightly differ depending on colour, red symbolises love and romance where as yellow roses symbolise joy and new beginnings
  • Tulips convey a perfect and deep love
  • Peonies are often used to symbolise happiness and honor
  • Lillies are believed to represent purity and fertility
  • Lisianthus symbolise appreciation and acceptance
  • Gerbera is a symbol of purity and loyal love
  • Iris conveys messages of faith and wisdom
  • Hydrangeas represent a full heart
  • Sunflowers symbolise happiness and adoration



If you don’t have a rigid plan for your wedding decor or flower type then choosing by colour can lead you to the perfect wedding flowers.

Tips for choosing a colour palette for your wedding flowers:

  • Favourite colour- go with a colour you love.

You can use your wedding flowers as a pop of colour or to compliment your bridesmaid or decor theme. Your favourite colour can also be used as a splash of colour amongst an otherwise neutral bouquet of whites and greens.

  • Tonal choices- stick to the theme.

If you want a more uniform approach to your wedding then stick with the colour of your decor or dresses. If you have navy dresses, contrast them with light blue hues. For blush pink dresses, opt for bold and vibrant pinks and purples.

  • Contrast- tone it down or dial it up.

Flowers can be an incredibly colourful addition but equally they can be a minimal and decorative display of texture and form. If you already have other colours filling your wedding decor then stick to whites, greens and textures for a garden-inspired look.



A consistent theme will really help set the tone for your wedding and in turn help you decide on your wedding flowers. You don’t need to be too rigid with the boundaries of your wedding decor theme but it is good to have a sort of ‘umbrella term’ to come back to when making decisions. Your wedding theme could be a certain style that appeals to you, it could relate to a special place or memory to you and your partner or it could be built around your dream venue or even dress. Something special that sets the tone for your big day is a great starting point to build your wedding decor around.

Popular wedding themes include:

  • Vintage
  • Bohemian
  • Beach
  • Modern
  • Glamorous

 Things to consider:

  • Do you and your partner have a favourite holiday destination?
  • Where did you and your partner meet?
  • Do you have a shared favourite colour
  • Do you have one special memory or event that stands out?
  • If you could have your wedding anywhere, where would it be?
  • What era/type of location/ style do you romanticise the most?


Once you have decided on your theme this should help you narrow down colours or types of wedding flower that will incorporate into this well. The form, colour and beautiful inconsistency of flowers can help you build onto your wedding theme decor. Flowers can add colour, romance, shape, tradition and style to your wedding in many different ways.

Choosing your wedding flowers is a difficult but exciting decision to have to make. Flowers each hold their own special beauty and meaning and they are an elegant and important aspect of your wedding decor. Enjoy choosing your wedding flowers and look forward to the wonder that lies ahead!