Flowers are a huge part of your winter wedding decor. There are an array of beautiful blooms to enjoy throughout the winter months and these will make great winter wedding flower displays. If you are having a winter wedding it is a great idea to choose flowers that are in season because not only will this be cost effective but it will ensure that you have the freshest and highest quality blooms on your wedding day.

Our florist chose her top five winter flowers that she would recommend for your winter wedding display. She recommends Colombian roses, freesias, tulips, cymbidium orchids and polymin white elfin. These work well on their own or paired together, they offer a range of amazing colours and shapes so you can achieve your dream winter wedding flower display.



Are Colombian roses good wedding flowers?

A colombian rose is the classically beautiful flower of romance. It is a premium rose with a large head, strong stems and available in a variety of amazing colours. Red roses are a classic symbol of romance, they are the perfect way to display love and passion. If you want to bring colour and tradition to your wedding day then the colombian rose is a must. They are wonderfully bold and fantastically classic.

When are Colombian roses in season?

All throughout winter you can enjoy these stunning roses. Colombian roses are in season from May until August so they are perfect for a winter wedding.

4What can I pair Colombian roses with?4

To create a beautiful winter wedding flower display using Colombian roses, pair them with fresh seasonal greenery. Use a variety of coloured roses for a really sophisticated way to incorporate fun colours whilst remaining uniform in form. Because these premium roses have a large bloom, opt for softer, delicate flowers when creating bouquets so as to create a balance.



Do freesias make good wedding flowers?

Freesias are one of New Zealand’s favourite flowers. They are wonderfully colourful with a sweet scent. Freesias are delicate, feminine and classically beautiful. They will be a really vibrant and impactful addition to your winter wedding. Generally, freesias represent trust, thoughtfulness and innocence which is a beautiful sentiment to include in your winter wedding decor.

When are freesias in season?

Freesias start to bloom as autumn arrives which makes them a perfect flower for a winter wedding. They are in season from May until August and can sometimes even go until October. Choosing flowers that are in season for your wedding is an economical option so freesias are a perfect choice for your winter wedding flower decorations.

What flowers go well with freesias?

To create a wonderful wedding flower display with freesias we would pair these delicate blooms with an array of fresh seasonal greens. A combination of freesias and polymin orchids make a beautiful and soft pairing.



Are tulips good wedding flowers?

Tulips are large, showy, shapely blooms. They come in a wide variety of stunning colours. Tulips have a perfectly symmetrical cup-shaped appearance. Tulips represent perfect love which makes for a perfectly fitting wedding flower. As with many flowers, different colours often have different representations. The classic red colour represents deep, true love. White represents respect and honour and yellow tulips are a symbol of hope and cheer.

When are tulips in season?

In New Zealand, tulips begin to bloom as early as April or May until August. They are a perfectly colourful addition to your winter wedding flower decorations.

What flowers go well with tulips for a wedding flower display?

Tulips are wonderfully bold flowers that come in an array of colours. They make a great statement and need very little else to create a complete display. Paired with wonderful fresh greenery, tulips are enough to build a colourful and unique winter wedding flower displays.



Do cymbidium orchids make good wedding flowers?

Cymbidium orchids are an evergreen flowering plant from the orchid family. They are native to tropical areas which is very apparent with their beautiful blend of colour and eye-catching shape.

When is a cymbidium orchid in season?

You can enjoy cymbidium orchids all throughout winter. They flower from May all the way through until August or September. As cymbidium orchids are in season for winter, they are a really economical and beautiful choice for a winter wedding flower display.

What flowers go well with cymbidium orchids?

Cymbidium orchids are a graceful flower that creates a beautifully soft decoration. If you want to go for a feminine and tasteful wedding decor, these work beautifully with freesias as well as other orchids. If you want to include cymbidium orchids in a bolder wedding decor then try pairing them with larger blooms. Combine with roses for a look of luxury and decadence or with tulips for a fresh and creative feel.



Are polymin white elfins good wedding flowers?

Polymin white elfins are miniature orchids. They boast beautifully elegant and delicate white flowers and long stems. They make wonderful flower displays and are fragrance-free. A gorgeous blank canvas with small splashes of colour on the inner flower. The beauty and sophistication of polymin white elfins make them perfect as wedding flowers.

When are polymin white elfin flowers in season?

Polymin white elfins are available from May to August. Polymin orchids are in season throughout winter so they are great flowers for a winter wedding.

What do polymin white elfin flowers pair well with?

Polymin white elfin flowers can be a wonderfully soft addition to a bold bouquet or they can be the base of a perfectly feminine and tender display. As with cymbidium orchids, they can be paired with larger headed blooms like roses and tulips or with freesias for a fresh english garden look.