Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother’s Day is almost here! But don’t worry, there’s still time to organise a gift before the 14th. If you’re not sure what to get mum this Mother’s day - why complicate things? Flowers are one of the most timeless gifts for a reason!


Why are flowers a perfect gift for Mother’s Day?

Flowers always make a beautiful and sentimental gift. A flower delivery for Mother’s Day is a sure way to bring some instant happiness into her day and make her smile. You can choose colours and blooms to compliment her home and her own style so the gift will feel as unique and beautiful as she is! You’re not just giving her something that she’ll enjoy looking at, you’re giving her something that will brighten up her space. They make a beautiful accompaniment for some thoughtful words too. That’s why all our Mother’s Day flower deliveries come with a gift card, so you can tell her exactly how you feel.

What flowers are in season for Mother’s Day?

So you want to deliver flowers in Auckland for Mother’s Day - but you’re not sure what to choose? Well, this season’s flowers will always be the freshest - meaning they’ll make the best gift. Here’s what we suggest:


Representing perfect love, these are a beautifully symbolic gift for mum! As well as having a large bloom, tulips come in an array of bold and bright colours so they are a great choice if you want to bring some fun and vibrancy to your mum’s day!


A classic! Roses are definitely not just for a romantic partner. White roses are a perfect gift for mums with a sophisticated and elegant style. Whereas pink roses symbolise gratitude and admiration. A truly perfect sentiment for a Mother’s Day delivery when you just want to show your appreciation.


A bright and cheerful bloom that comes in a beautiful selection of colours. Representing loyal love, you can choose your gerberas to match mum’s colour preference! Whether you opt for a sleek white or light pink or perhaps a pop of colour with red or purple.


Another beautifully feminine choice for Mother’s Day flowers. Representing sweetness and innocence they are a classy gift that will freshen and brighten up her home for days!


Which colour should I choose for my Mother’s Day flowers?

It’s absolutely ok to choose any colour that you think your mum will love! However, if you’re not sure of what her favourite colour is or what would look best in her home, you could try choosing your flower colour based on the sentiment. This is a fun way to send a thoughtful message to her through your choice. Here’s some great colour options for a Mother’s Day delivery:


In general, pink is a wonderfully popular choice for Mother’s Day flowers. These tend to represent qualities such as care, appreciation, admiration and affection - a perfect way to say “I love you mum”!


White flowers can highlight the purity of motherhood - another beautiful way of celebrating the special relationship of mother and child.


Celebrate friendship and joy with the vibrancy and cheer of yellow flowers. If your relationship with your mum is one of closeness and warmth this could be a great choice.


Enjoy celebrating your mum this Mother’s Day! Deliver flowers in Auckland and show your care and appreciation for her. Still not sure what to get mum for Mother’s Day? Take a look at our Mother’s Day Flower collection here.