Introducing Colombian Garden Roses from Market Flowers!

Market Flowers is excited to reveal we are launching an exclusive online range of speciality Garden Roses from Colombia for delivery in Auckland! With wonderfully large heads and long-lasting blooms - these are a unique take on a classic that will for sure be your new favourite!


Why Colombian Roses?

Flowers have been one of Colombia’s biggest exports since the 1990’s and as people overseas began to take note of the wonder that is Colombian Roses their popularity has continued to flourish. The country’s main flower-growing region is the Bogotá Savanna which has consistent temperatures and around 12 hours of light all year round. Best of all, some 100,000 years ago the savannah was actually a lake so even though it’s dry now, it still has dense, clay-rich soil which is perfect for flower growers!

Roses are already the classically beautiful flower that everyone adores, so what makes Colombian Roses different? Well, apart from their quality, their shelf life and their unique size and colours, here’s why our florist-selected Colombian Garden Roses are a perfect gift for a loved one - or yourself!

Four reasons you’ll love your Colombian Rose Delivery:


Amazing quality

Colombian roses are renowned for their outstanding quality. Their unique growing conditions of abundant sunlight, cool temperatures, and volcanic soil are optimal for producing these brilliant blooms - it truly is the secret to these strong, healthy roses with vibrant colours and long stems! That’s why we are importing them and delivering the beauty of Colombian Roses in Auckland!

Size and longevity

Colombian roses have larger heads than traditional roses which makes them a striking and impressive flower to display in your home. Unlike most modern roses which stay in a tighter, rose bud shape, Colombian Garden Roses open to their full potential. You’ll love watching the beautiful progression of these flowers throughout their shelf life - which is longer than average. You’ll be able to display your Colombian Garden Roses in your home for up to two weeks. Larger flowers and longer enjoyment - how brilliant!


Our Colombian Garden Roses come in an amazing selection of colours! You’ll love the choice of soft pink tones, warm peaches and bold bright fuschia as well as the classically beautiful white. The size and shape of these flowers mean there’s even more colour for you to enjoy, and with these vibrant choices - you’ll have yourself a show stopper!

Wonderful Scents

Another unique quality of Colombian Garden Roses is that some varieties have strong aromatic scents! Unlike Old Fashioned Garden Roses, most modern roses do not have a strong scent or any scent at all. But the wonderfully fresh aroma of these Colombian Garden Roses will offer another layer to your beautiful display!

We will be importing these amazing blooms so you can now get the quality and beauty of Colombian Garden Flowers delivered in Auckland from Market Flowers. Ready to explore the options for Colombian Rose online? Shop our full range now!